CV-19 Survey: Australians believe travelling on the road is the safest mode of transportation when it comes to domestic travel

27th Jul 2020

As lockdown and restrictions begin to ease across the nation, a new consumer survey has revealed that when it comes to domestic travel and the recent COVID-19 outbreak, a majority of Australians believe that travelling on the road in their own vehicle is the safest way to get to their holiday destination.

Of the 1000 Australian travellers surveyed by Jayco^, the majority (81 per cent) of respondents miss travelling and can’t wait to get out. 72 per cent said they’ll begin travelling domestically as soon as stay-in-place measures lift.

The survey shows 76 per cent of respondents agree or strongly agree that travelling on the road in a private vehicle – whether in a caravan, motorhome or car – is safer than any other mode of transportation given the recent coronavirus outbreak.

“Coronavirus has stopped Australians from travelling over the last few months, but domestic travel has now resumed and will be as rewarding as ever,” said Scott Jones, Jayco National Sales Manager.

“There are so many benefits and added flexibility that comes with travelling on the road. You can stop as much as you want, drive at your own pace and simply enjoy the freedom of a road trip.

“Not to mention the spectacular views along the way! Australia is home to some of the most iconic landmarks and landscapes in the world. There’s no better time to get on the road, connect to the great outdoors and explore your very own backyard,” Mr Jones said.

The survey predicts that tourism is set to boom on the East Coast with Queensland (48 per cent), New South Wales (45 per cent) and Victoria (41 per cent) listed as the most popular travel destinations Australians plan to visit within the next 12 months.

Most Australians are looking forward to relaxing and taking a break with 79 per cent claiming their number one reason for travelling within 12 months is to go on a holiday. Other reasons to travel include:

  • Helping local businesses and regions affected by recent bushfires and the COVID-19 crisis get back on their feet (31 per cent)
  • Supporting Australia’s travel industry (29 per cent), and
  • Visiting family members they haven’t seen for a long time (28 per cent)

More than a third of respondents (34 per cent) said they would consider caravanning or renting a motorhome to travel domestically within the next 12 months.

Backed by Jayco Australia, Let’s Go Motorhomes is one of the nation’s leading campervan and RV rental companies, specialising in luxury motorhomes for hire. General Manager, John Papadimitriou, said the desire to hit the road will be as strong as ever.

“With international travel being off-limits for some time, we’re expecting our motorhome rentals to spike over the coming months. If you’ve ever dreamt about holidaying in an RV, but don’t want to commit to purchasing one just yet, then renting a motorhome is a great option,” he said.

“Australians love exploring international and interstate destinations, places we have not visited before. Yet so many of us have not ticked off the bucket list destinations in our very own backyard.”

“The opportunities now to explore and travel in our own regional areas is huge. Going on a motorhome road trip gives people a chance to not only explore but give back to bushfire-affected communities who’ve had so much to deal with over the last few months,” Mr Papadimitriou said.

A third (34 per cent) of Aussie travellers said they will take a beach holiday as their next vacation. The survey also shows that Australians are looking forward to seeing their friends (29 per cent) and parents (23 per cent) the most as soon as travel is allowed.

Other key findings include:

  • 45 per cent of respondents cancelled their overseas trip due to COVID-19 and international travel being off-limits
  • Almost a quarter of Australians (24 per cent) would consider travelling within 1-2 months from when travel restrictions lift
  • 32 per cent of Australians would consider travelling within 3-5 months from when travel restrictions lift
  • More than half (58 per cent) of Australians said they are looking forward to supporting restaurants and cafes again. While other respondents said they’re looking forward to visiting theme parks and museums (35 per cent), watching a show or concert (24 per cent) and swimming (20 per cent).