Sophie Piearcey

Sophie Piearcey is the face behind the adventure travel, mountain loving Instagram account @sophiepiearcey. She is also a creative blog writer for ‘Notes of a Northerner’, and now Jayco.

Born and bred in a place where the tea is strong & the accent stronger, the city of rolling hills and friendly faces, Sophie hails from Sheffield in the UK. She made New Zealand home six years ago after a brief stint in Australia and quickly kick started her travel content creation business. Obsessed with everything outdoors, climbing mountains and road trips, her love for travel started when she met Robbie, her now husband.

A professional photographer by trade means her camera is firmly always in one hand. Sophie’s dream is to travel the length of New Zealand and showcase the beauty of her epic backyard. “We are SO ready to get on the road in our brand-new Jayco Campervan and so stoked to be joining the Jayco ‘Vanbassador’ crew. From the mountains in Aorkai, Mount Cook National Park, to the wild West Coast and the hidden beauty in Southland we will be road tripping as much as possible in our new best friend & we can wait to take you along for the ride.”

Sophie also works with well-known brands & tourism boards such as GoPro, Fujifilm NZ, Lowa Boots, Jetstar NZ & more.