Jayco Toy Hauler Range


Jayco Toy Hauler Range

Jayco offers the perfect adventure foundation with two fearless models: Jayco Work’n’Play and Jayco Basestation. The 17ft Work’n’Play seamlessly merges caravan and garage functionalities, offering a versatile toolbox on wheels that can swiftly transform into a mobile garage, catering to tradespeople and outdoor lovers seeking quick getaways. The spacious 24ft Jayco Basestation is perfect for thrill-seekers, motorbike enthusiasts, and action-oriented individuals, ensuring ample cargo space for gear-intensive ventures. Experience exhilarating holidays with Jayco’s Toy Hauler Range.

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Jayco Toy Haulers

Calling all Adrenaline Junkies

Part caravan, part garage

Part caravan, part garage, all adventure. Jayco Toy Haulers are the ultimate base for those seeking thrills on and off road.

Designed for adventure

Designed with adventure in mind for the whole family, Toy Haulers come in two unique floor plans so you can fit more gear and more travellers into your next trip.

All the creature comforts

Toy Haulers feature all the comforts of home, with modern, spacious kitchens, ample storage space and more than a little luxury.