Top 5 BBQ Combos

23rd Mar 2020

Snaz up your snags! Brighten your burgers! Lively up your lamb chops! There is nothing wrong with a fresh lettuce salad to go with your BBQ. In fact, with a nice dressing, it is almost too hard to beat but there are other options.

Here are some easy ideas to help you match your BBQ meats and make it a delicious meal! Executive Chef and Jayco Ambassador Dan Hawkins shares his top 5 BBQ combos…

1. Combo one

Meat – Lamb chops
Grain – Morrocan style couscous
Vege – Chargrilled zucchini and eggplant, sesame yogurt

2. Combo two

Meat – Sausages
Grain – Three bean salsa with chili and lime dressing
Vege – Chargrilled zucchini and eggplant, sesame yogurt

3. Combo three

Meat – Beef steaks or burgers
Grain – Quinoa, peas, parsley, and kale
Vege – Chopped iceberg salad

4. Combo 4

Meat – Chicken skewers
Grain – Spiced rice pilaf
Vege – BBQ corn cobs with cumin sour cream

5. Combo five

Meat – Pork cutlet
Grain – Chickpea, broccoli and olive salad
Vege – Apple and raw pumpkin slaw, apple cider dressing

Tip: Stocking your pantry with different grains is a great way to mix up your meals. They can be easily stored in your pantry while on the road, they don’t require any refrigeration and are also very delicious and nutritious

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