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8 Things to consider when opting for a (JRV) Campervan over a Motorhome

2nd Sep 2020

Far from being the poor cousin to motorhomes, campervans are packed full of surprising benefits for both solo and adventure-seeking duos. Akin to motorhomes, it’s all about easy, self-contained living in a trusty campervan.

While both can generally be driven by anyone who holds a passenger vehicle drivers’ licence, there are some notable differences between the two that needs to be taken on-board when choosing which one is right for you.

So, without further ado we explore eight things you should consider when opting for a campervan over a motorhome.

They’re more compact

Ok, let’s get this one out of the way right from the get-go: campervans are indeed smaller than their undeniably spacious counterpart. They have the capacity to accommodate and sleep up to two adults comfortably so a third person isn’t always an option. Naturally, therefore if you’re a family you should consider a motorhome, which can seat up to four people. For instance, our beautifully sophisticated Jayco Fiat based Conquest Motorhome models includes a large double bed and the ability to sleep two more adults above the cabin.

But while campervans may be more compact than their larger more grandiose cousin, they’re some unique benefits to their sleek design, which we will explore in more detail.

Lighter to drive

A distinct advantage of a campervan over a motorhome is their comparative lightness. This lightness in load makes them easier to drive and a naturally accessible holidaying option, as they can be driven by almost anyone who holds a drivers license.

Jayco campervans enable you to travel light to reach your vacation destination faster. Our strikingly designed and pleasingly rugged Mercedes Sprinter All-Terrain Campervan enables you to accelerate to your adventure in superb style. We’re proud to call it our most prestigious campervan.

Parking is easier

It might seem an obvious benefit but sometimes these little things can amount to a lot and make all the difference to your vacation. Campervans are easier to park than motorhomes and they can also comfortably fit into van-sized car parks. This makes parking less of a drag.

Also, to assist with that parking, Jayco Campervans come with reversing cameras as standard across our five-campervan range, providing guidance and all-important visibility for maximum convenience and safety.

They don’t skimp on essentials

While indeed smaller, campervans come with most of the essential features you’d come to expect from a larger motorhome. This includes well-equipped modern kitchens with all the basic utilities for conveniently eating on the road, an ensuite with toilet and shower for washing on the go, along with attractively spacious and comfortable sleeping areas.

Included, as standard cross our campervan range is a 2 or 3-burner cooktop, a microwave, large fridge, hot water system, fresh water tanks, air conditioning and awning. You’ll also remain entertained with a 24-inch TV, DVD and Furrion CD/radio with external speakers. Everything you need for your Jayco journey.

On the other hand our more spacious motorhomes come with some extras. For example, most of our Conquest Motorhomes have the added convenience of a 3.3 kg washing machine, a luxe ensuite with separate shower, ceramic basins and toilet just to make life on the road that little bit easier.

They don’t compromise on comfort

Despite everything packed into a smaller space, comfort should continue to come with the territory with a campervan. After all, it’s all about self contained living and it’s not as if you’re roughing it in a tent somewhere.

Naturally, comfort is never compromised with a Jayco and that’s certainly the case with our more compact campervan range. Maximum comfort through quality materials and superior design has always been the Jayco way.

Our luxurious Jayco Mercedes Sprinter Optimum Campervan has comfort sown into the seams. It also has a choice of either single bed or converted double layouts. While our undefeatable Jayco Mercedes Sprinter All-Terrain Campervan has a man made leather cabin seat finish. And you’ll be hard pressed to criticise our euro style furniture that comes with aluminum corners and seat framing throughout our entire range.

Space isn’t compromised neither

While they may certainly be more compact than their larger motorhome cousins, campervans don’t compromise on the space that they do offer.

Designed equally for self-contained living and to seamlessly connect travellers with the outdoors, Jayco Campervans offer surprisingly spacious interiors. These include modern kitchens with plentiful bench space and ample dining areas that transform into large double bed sleeping quarters that ensure a good night’s rest. Our luxurious Jayco Mercedes Sprinter Optimum Campervan has the choice of single bed or converted double bed layouts too.

Storage space isn’t a problem. Included in all five of our campervans are overhead storage compartments, where personal items can be easily tucked away to enable you to set off on your journey quicker.

Did we mention their convenience?

The very nature of campervans (and indeed motorhomes) means they’re conveniently set up for you to get on the road to experience your adventure with little to no hassle. The complication of towing a caravan isn’t an issue here. Then, once you arrive at your destination, you simply drive into the camping site, park up and begin your vacation without missing a beat.

Both our premium Jayco Mercedes Sprinter Optimum and our adventure-conscious All Terrain Campervans come with the perfect combination of luxury and convenience. They have a 4-metre box awning, 12v electric step, 160-watt Solar System, grey water tank and rear view camera to capitalise upon that convenience.

They’re easy to adapt

Adaptability is undeniably a key feature with campervans, particularly when space is more compact. While everything is practically already setup in a motorhome, it’s not too much of a problem to transform the space in a Jayco Campervan to suit the desired setup.

This includes the unique ability to convert dining areas into a large double bed, as is the case throughout our entire range. Our enticing lower end big value Campervans, the 3 berth Jayco Renault Master RM. 19-1 and the Jayco Fiat Ducato FD.19-1, have spaces that can be easily adapted without any fuss.