Best waterfalls in New Zealand

23rd Sep 2020

As well some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, New Zealand is also home to some pretty epic waterfalls.

From the majestic Tawhai Falls, otherwise known as ‘Gollum’s Pool’ thanks to the Lord of the Rings, to Sutherland Falls which is the tallest waterfall in New Zealand, there are plenty of beautiful and Instagram-able falls to visit.

Contrary to the famous lyrics of the 90’s band TLC… DO go chasing waterfalls with our list of best waterfalls in New Zealand.

Sutherland Falls

It would be remiss of us to create a list of best waterfalls without including this one. Sutherland Falls is the tallest waterfall in the country, sitting at a pretty 580m high. However, it isn’t easy to get to. You either need to trek in or take a scenic flight to view this beauty.

Huka Falls

Located about 10 minutes from the stunning Lake Taupo, the Huka Falls pushes through 220,000 litres of water every second which makes it a pretty impressive sight and sound. If you want to experience this first-hand, check out the many river cruise or jet boat trips that are on offer.

Wairēinga Falls

The Wairēinga or Bridal Veil Falls is another must see when it comes to New Zealand waterfalls. Originally created after a nearby volcano eruption, the Falls are located at the end of a really easy 10-minute nature walk. There are a number of platforms around that give you a great view of the falls.

Whangarei Falls

The stunning Whangarei Falls are located about two hours from Auckland and a close drive from Whangarei city centre. As well as being a picturesque location, they are also one of the most popular swimming holes and picnic spots in the area, with easy access from the public car park.

Devils Punchbowl Falls

Located in the heart of Arthur’s Pass National Park, the Devil’s Punchball Falls are an incredible sight. You need to tackle a short walk to get here, but the view of the cascading water is definitely worth it.