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Compliance Plate & Load Carrying Capacity guide

8th Nov 2021

Under the Australian Design Rule (ADR) requirements Jayco Corporation Pty Ltd (Jayco) stamp and fit compliance plates to every RV prior to leaving the factory. This process includes weighing the RV in the final stages of production to ensure compliance with ADRs. The RV is designed, tested and built to  tolerances that meet ADR standards based on current carrying capacity.

Load Carrying Capacity

The total load carrying capacity will depend on the suspension set up and layout of the RV, however, the ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) minus the Tare Weight is your actual carrying capacity. This includes, but is not limited to, gas bottles, water, luggage, personal effects and after market accessories.

To calculate tare weight  the RV must be weighed in the following condition:

  • No personal effects (luggage, linen, cutlery, dishes, etc.).
  • No water in tanks or hot water service.
  • No jerry cans or gas bottles.
  • No aftermarket accessories (solar panel, batteries, air conditioners, etc.).

Failure to abide by the weight restrictions of the RV is likely to:

  • Violate Road Traffic Regulations.
  • Dramatically change the handling characteristics of your RV and towing vehicle.
  • Compromise the safety of your towing vehicle or RV, which could result in accident or injury.
  • Cause premature wear of suspension components and tyres.
  • Potentially void insurance.

Requests to increase the established load carrying capacity are normally declined because increasing the carrying capacity after manufacture will alter the original design specification on which load weights have been measured.  In these circumstances Jayco cannot provide any assurance that increasing the capacity will not adversely impact the RV.  Further advice about this should be sought from a suitably qualified engineer.

If you believe the compliance plate has been incorrectly stamped, please make arrangements for an inspection of your RV with your nearest Jayco dealership. You can find your local dealership here.