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Everything you need to embark on that adrenaline-induced off-road adventure

30th Aug 2020

There’s nothing quite like gearing up for that blood pumping off-road adventure. It’s finally time to let off some steam with your mates or the family and create some beautiful memories. Naturally, you require a gutsy recreational vehicle to accommodate all your off-road needs during this exhilarating excursion.

As Australia’s leading brand of recreational vehicles, Jayco is there for you every step of the way. This is why we have come up with everything you need to embark on that adrenaline-induced off-road adventure.

Tough exterior

Toughness literally comes with the territory when you’re off-road. So, you need some assurance that your recreational vehicle will remain resilient while you’re on your journey.

One of the top features of Jayco’s unmistakably tough purpose-built premium All-Terrain RVs is its superior armour. When travelling off the grid, it provides extra protection against all the sometimes-unavoidable components of Mother Nature. In addition to hail and dent resistance, (also featured in our CrossTrak RVs) its checkerplate body armour, stone guard and optional reinforced brush bars makes this a tough RV to contend with.

Working with that tough exterior is our JTECH 2.0 Independent Coil Suspension. This has been specifically designed to ensure our All-Terrain and compact CrossTrak RVs remain strong and safe under hostile conditions. It also offers greater stability and more precise handling that provides a smoother ride. Both CrossTrak and the more rugged All-Terrain also feature our hot-dipped galvanised Endurance 2.0 chassis for added protection against corrosion. While our lightweight aluminum Tough Frame ensures the walls are fully insulated.

Reassuring comfort

Heading off-track and into the great unknown doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on comfort. You need a place to unwind and relax after your adventures and often it’s the simple touches that make all the difference.

Our All-Terrain Pop Top comes with a reassuringly spacious interior where comfort becomes second nature. High-flow Sirocco fans conveniently located above the bed will get you through those long hot summer nights, as will the roof-mounted air-conditioning. While in colder climates, our optional gas ducted heating has an easily accessible control for those lazy mornings.

A double bed with innerspring mattress for both our All-Terrain and CrossTrak RVs means a better night’s sleep, (we’ll even throw in the bed linen, including doona and pillows). While our seating areas come with an optional selection of modern décor for customised comfort.


Some essential utilities

There’s a certain set of facilities you always need with you when you’re off-road. These conveniences will make all the difference to your adrenaline-induced adventure.

Our compact but beautifully designed J-Pod Outback certainly comes with some of them. This includes the unique convenience of a slide-out exterior kitchen complete with 2-burner cooktop and sink. While the interior now includes even bigger and better components such as a larger 45-litre portable fridge/freezer and even bed reading lights.

But if you want to broaden your horizons a bit you’ll find even more in the Jayco CrossTrak, which was born for adventure. It comes with both an external kitchen hatch and a rear-mounted lift up shower hatch with drop-down privacy tent, with the option for a portable toilet. Our larger, 16.48-1 CrossTrak comes with the added benefit of an internal ensuite as well.

If you want to go the whole hog our All-Terrain absolutely accommodates. The modern internal kitchen features a 3-burner cooktop (or 4-burner griller/oven in caravans), with microwave and plenty of that all-important bench space for meal preparation. And there’s the added convenience of a modern design shower with exhaust fan, as well as an external shower hatch.

Decent storage capacity

We believe in keeping things decent…particularly where our storage capacity is concerned. It’s certainly another necessity on your off-road adventures.

There are large storage areas both under bed and in an overhead compartment for our CrossTrak and, along with easily accessible surrounding storage areas, J-Pod even has a large chassis mounted tool box for storing that extra equipment. And don’t get us started on the ample storage available in our All-Terrain, which naturally includes large storage areas under the bed and overhead.

Some convenient tech

It certainly helps to have some convenient technology even when you’re trying to get back to nature and away from all the trappings of modern life.

Leading technology is certainly something we offer across our J-Pod, CrossTrak and All-Terrain range. Whether it’s the convenience of USB charging ports, Bluetooth speak docks or being able to monitor water and battery levels from an intuitive phone app, a little tech innovation goes a long way.

Having roof mounted dual 180w solar panels is arguably a tech convenience when you’re off the grid, which is the case with our All-Terrain. There’s also a roof-mounted air conditioner, water filtration system and an LED display for easily monitoring both the battery and water tank. It similarly helps to include some optional extras like reversing / side cameras or a 100 Ah Lithium Battery.

And if we’re talking entertainment technology All-Terrain is kitted out with this too. This includes a 24-inch TV with built-in DVD player and a CD/Radio with internal and external speakers.

It certainly helps when everything is already in tow before setting off on your off-road adventure.