Fun activities at home

3rd Apr 2020

Jayco Vanbassador Jade Sutcliffe shares her favourite activities and tips while staying at home.

Read the tips below.

At Home Activities

1) Set the caravan up in the drive way as the classroom. The best special space that kids have ownership of, let them pack their lunches and take their books and spend time at the table learning and being creative.

2) Turn the caravan into a movie cinema- each day pick a different DVD, makes treats and lay on the bed and watch a movie.

3) Sleepovers in the Caravan (with an adult of course, let dad take all the kids in the van for a night). ?

4) Obstacle courses – have the kids be creative and use any outdoor furniture or items to create an obstacle course (this takes them a good half an hour) then do the obstacle as many times as they can and try and beat their times.

5) Handball – one of our favourite family activities to play at home or just in pairs.

6) Hopscotch – draw with chalk and play (lots of other fun with chalk whilst they have it out).

7) Juggling – doesn’t last long but teaching the kids to juggle is a cool skill.

8) UNO – our favourite card game (It also gets some great debating skills going). ?

9) Cubby houses – a guaranteed childhood favourite.

At home tips

1) Start each day with movement – do your daily exercise in the morning, it sets you up for a more productive day and makes you feel good! Having a former professional athlete and strength and conditioning trainer in the family we have a pretty good at home instructor but moving doesn’t need to hard just 30 minutes of your favourite activity. It also gives you a sense of achievement which is a positive set up to the day.

2) Keep routine of some degree:
a. Morning yoga for the kids (our favourite is Cosmic Kids).
b. Nightly Meditation at night to switch off (Peace Out is our favourite for the kids).

3) Enjoy a movie together – we have been watching the Marvel movies in chronological order with the family, making sure there are fun activities we are sharing with the kids. (A bowl of popcorn each accompanies pretty well too).

4) Listen to music – let the music set the mood/vibe of the house.

5) Stay hydrated- drink lots of water!!

6) Slow down – make a conscious effort to take your time with everything, as we don’t have as many commitments at the moment there is less need to rush. We are trying hard in our house to not have a timeline assigned to things and lead by example with slowing things down for the kids. (we are not perfect at this).

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