Jubilant With Jayco!

12th Apr 2018

With our Cub Camper Supamatic Escape due for some well deserved tender loving care, Paul reached out to Jayco to see if they could assist with a caravan so that we could finish the trip around to Western Australia. We were joyful beyond words when they contacted Paul and were more than happy to provide us with a Jayco Expanda Outback. Hoping for only a small van for Paul & Kirstine to sleep in (similar to the Cub), we were blown away to find out that the Expanda Outback can sleep all of us! We have a new Platinum sponsor!

While the kids were away over Easter, Paul & Kirstine had been guests at the Colac Otway Caravan & Cabin Park. Vi generously provided us with a cabin and gave us space for a few hours to set up the Cub so that it could dry, after a heavy dew in Castlemaine had meant we packed it up wet that morning. Canvas plus moisture = mould and mildew if you don’t get it dry, so this was a focus for us. By late afternoon it was ready to be packed up again, meaning that Paul & Kirstine could finally relax. Amazingly, we slept for 12 hours into Good Friday! That has never happened before! We took that as a sign that we were mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. Taking Luna for a walk later, we met people who shared their experiences with depression, and its effect on their families. The Legend being parked outside our cabin meant that people were looking to see who emerged so that they could talk to us. Paul even met a man who had attempted the ascent of Mount Everest! Aside from that initial long sleep, it was a busy few days over Easter. The peace and quiet of the caravan park was fabulous, and it was wonderful to sit in the garden, watching the chooks and the Shetland pony, while we waited for a roast to cook in the new hooded bbq. We summoned the energy to pack up and leave, thanking Vi, who was surprised when Kirstine told her that it was the most comfortable bed she’s slept in for a long time. As we were leaving, a man recognised the Legend from our stay at Moama and said hello! It’s a small world isn’t it?

The Big 4 Mornington Peninsula were so incredibly accommodating of our specific needs. Arriving initially with the Cub on Tuesday, we picked up the Jayco Expanda Outback on Wednesday, so this Big 4 gave us a second powered site, side by side, so that we could begin the changeover. Angelo at Jayco was brilliant, showing us through the caravan, and explaining how to expand the beds, work the fridge, cooktop and awning. He was thorough, friendly and patient, particularly as Kirstine was amazed at the features of the Jayco, and was excited with every switch, light and cupboard. We would have loved to take photos and record the walk through, but as many of the Jayco products are assembled on site where the pick up was scheduled, this wasn’t possible. We’ll just have to show you all the features ourselves, so stay tuned!

Thursday was a big day sorting and “moving in” to the Jayco, and on Friday, after meeting with another new sponsor, we came back to drop off the Jayco again, and take the Cub out to the repair agent we had organised. Lucky we have this hitching/unhitching business down to an art! The Big 4 staff also gave us a box of chocolates and a card for our wedding anniversary, which was such a wonderful surprise. By Friday night we were utterly exhausted again. That restorative sleep we had in Colac seemed so very far away, but my goodness, look what we have been able to achieve!