How to support local business at this time

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3rd Apr 2020

In times like this, it can be hard to get out and support our local businesses. While you can’t go outside, there are ways you can still support local businesses during isolation.

We’ve listed some of the best ways to help your favourite stores.

Shop local and shop online

Shopping local is the best way you can support your favourite small businesses. Where possible, choose your local butchers, bakeries and greengrocers and shop online with your favourite local camping or clothing stores.

Check out Instagram pages like Spend With ThemBuy Aussie Now and Buy From The Bush to find new small businesses and brands you can support.

This also extends to your favourite cafes and restaurants. A lot of these businesses have shifted to offering takeaway, so make sure you still support them if you can. Other hospitality services have started offering meal kit services, fresh food hampers or home-cooked meals you can freeze.

It’s also a good time to look at signing up to subscription or local food delivery services from your favourite brands and businesses. Coffee roasters like ST. Ali and Three Thousand Thieves offer yearly coffee subscriptions while there is business-like Delish Deliveries in Sydney who sell fruit, veggies and produce that come directly from the farmers and are delivered to your front door.

Finally, if you are in the position to do so, make sure tip your favourite restaurants and cafes so they can pass on the extra money to their staff, or keep their doors open a little longer.

Book in a virtual appointment

Did you know that at Jayco you can book a contactless appointment?
If you’re wanting more information or want to order from Jayco you can now call your Jayco Dealer and book in a 1-1 virtual appointment. During a 1-1 virtual appointment, your dealer can take you on a virtual tour products that are in stock and answer all of your questions and help you to order a product. You can book in by calling 1300 JAYCO RV for your local dealer.

Buy gift cards

While we can’t go out and shop at our favourite small businesses, a great way to continue supporting them is to purchase a gift card now to use in the future. In most cases, you can purchase gift cards for everything from your hairdresser, favourite camping store to your favourite restaurant.

This helps the business keep up their cash flow so that when we’re no longer isolated, the businesses are still around for us to support.

Pre-schedule and pre-pay for services

Again, if you are in a position to, pre-scheduling and paying for appointments and services like car and caravan servicing, haircuts, massages and beauty appointments is a great way to support local businesses and help keep them in business.

Leave a good review or give them a shout out on social media

While it may seem like a small gesture, it’s such an important one, especially if you aren’t in a financial position to spend money. Leave your favourite businesses a review online and let people know all the great things about it so that people are encouraged to visit when they reopen or spend money on online stories. You can also give your favourite businesses a shout out on social media and let them know you’re still supporting them and you’ll be back as soon as you can.

Don’t cancel when you can reschedule

Local business like caravan parks and camping grounds rely on tourism day today. Instead of canceling your plans due to isolation and asking for a refund consider rescheduling them to a later date.

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