The benefits of yoga on the road

21st Jun 2021

When travelling around Australia for hours on end, it is important to take frequent breaks to alleviate the pressure on your body from being in a vehicle for too long.

Road trips are always an incredible adventure but sitting down for a lengthy period can cause tightening of muscles and joints, back pain, stiffness in your shoulders and neck and can cause poor blood and oxygen circulation around your body.

We have teamed up with Georgina Eve to share five key benefits and on-the-road yoga exercises for your next trip.

1. Reduces body stiffness

Stretching regularly can reduce stiffness all around your body, especially when you are not moving a lot. Regular movement and yoga poses will prevent muscle cramps and improve the movement in your joints. It also helps with flexibility, therefore, softening the stiff feeling in your body.

2. Loosens tightness in your legs 

When we spend a long time on the road, we sometimes experience pins and needles in the legs. Moving your lower body regularly will minimise the risk of feeling pins and needles and cramps in your legs and feet. Lower body yoga exercises also help with blood circulation.

3. Releases tension on your hips 

Sitting down for an extended period of time puts a lot of pressure on your hips. Practising mobility during your break will minimise discomfort when you get back on the road. Yoga will help release any tension that builds over the course of the journey.

4. Improves posture

When you’re driving all day, your spine will start to curl forward and can damage your posture over time. With regular yoga back exercises, you will be opening your chest and spine, releasing deeply held tightness in the lower, middle, and upper back.

5. Improves alertness and reduces stress

All those sedentary hours can wear on your body and mind, especially if you are the driver. It is common that when you are overlooking a long straight road, you experience fatigue. Incorporating deep breathing helps oxygen circulate your body and your brain, improving alertness.

Breath is also shortened when experiencing stress. This can happen during traffic or while you are encountering traffic on the road. Engaging in slow breathing and mediation will bring your heart rate down and allow you to relax.

If you’re new to yoga or a travelling yoga pro, you can download Georgina’s yoga classes to keep active on the road.

To watch Georgina’s best yoga stretches after a long drive on YouTube click here