Top Adventure Gear For Your Next Escape

20th May 2020

A camping trip if always more fun when you have the right stuff along for the ride, which is why we’ve conjured up our top adventure gear, so your next trip is better, smarter and most importantly more fun!!!

eTOURER Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are growing in popularity, but until now have only been available through elite bike manufacturing brands for serious cyclists. Now, there is an affordable, high-quality electric bike specifically configured for Australian conditions. eTOURER. The eTOURER range of electric bikes make getting out and about on your RV adventures easier and more fun than ever. Power out of town and take advantage of the excellent network of tracks and trails that access our beautiful and unique landscape. With an eTOURER, longer excursions are made possible, hills can be negotiated easily and the electrical support will take you further so you can feel and experience more. eTOURER electric bikes guarantee a comfortable and relaxed ride with loads of fun.

Quick Fit Bike Racks

Coast to Coast’s new Quick Fit Bike Racks are designed to make it easier than ever to take bikes with you on your next adventure. They feature a patented quick connector that makes it extremely quick and easy to fit the racks onto your tow ball! Unlike other bulky bike racks, the Quick Fit range is made with an ingenious folding system unique to the XF series. This allows you to collapse the Bike Racks to a convenient size that makes them easy to carry and store. They even have a clever tilt mechanism that gives you clear access to your boot while the Quick Fit Racks are installed.

The Quick Fit XF series are designed to suit all 50mm tow balls thanks to the adjustable quick connector and can carry nearly all bikes (including e-bikes) and wheel dimensions on their wide aluminum wheel holders. The full range features optional Assist Ramps that allow users to maneuver bikes onto the rack effortlessly. You won’t need to worry about putting them together either – they come ready to go straight out of the box and come with everything you need including a handy storage bag.

Freestyle Rocker Chair (TWO PACK)

The Freestyle Rocker™ is a stylish and comfortable rocking chair for the great outdoors!

Designed with a patent-pending Spring-Action Rocking Technology, this chair rocks smoothly while enjoying your favourite outdoor activity. Whether you are free camping, at the caravan park, or in your backyard, the Freestyle Rocker is ready to go wherever you go! It features a convenient carry handle and beverage holder. Opens and closes safely and easily with patent-pending EAZY-FOLD™ Technology. The Freestyle Rocker is constructed of lightweight and sturdy powder-coated steel.

Sphere RVX Fridge Freezers

The Sphere RVX range of portable fridges takes comfort to a new level. Sphere RVX fridge freezers are available in six models to suit most needs and budgets. They are the perfect way to take a little bit of the comfort and convenience of home with you on all your camping and RV adventures. Offered in two distinct styles, the skillfully designed End or Side Opening lid can be lifted from either side or removed completely in one simple motion. The RVX range features an LED display and push-button controls so you can easily and accurately adjust and monitor your fridge temperature. The robust and refined cabinet utilizes a polypropylene construction with reinforced corners making it strong and easy to keep clean. The entire RVX range comes with a padded protective cover as standard to help you protect your investment.

Sizzler Deluxe Portable BBQ

The Sizzler Deluxe Portable BBQ is made from an extremely high quality commercial stainless steel and comes in a choice of the low lid or high lid options. These barbecues have been purpose-built for Caravans, RVs, Camper Trailers, and the great Aussie outdoors. They have a robust construction and are built out of a lighter grade stainless steel to save weight. The Sizzler Deluxe High Lid can be used as a barbecue, a stove-top, or an oven (using our optional Cooking Rack). This is perfect for the camping environment.