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Tyre Pressure Guideline

8th Nov 2021

Why is Correct Tyre Pressure Important?

Having the right tyre pressure optimises the performance of how your caravan tows and also increases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Having the right inflation is important for a safer and more efficient drive and increases the life of the tyres.

Are Your Tyres in Good Condition?

Check for wear on the tyre and also check tread depth. Check that the tyres are all the same type of tyre. The age should be stamped on the tyre’s sidewall. Tyres older than 5 years are recommended to be replaced.

Do You Have a Safe Load Capacity?

Every tyre manufacturer will have a load capacity index rating you can check to make sure you stay within the tyre’s legal load limits. The maximum tyre pressure (kpa) is found on the VIN plate.

Is Your Caravan Loaded Evenly?

Make sure your caravan is loaded evenly and that its weight does not exceed the total load capacity specified on the VIN plate. A poorly loaded caravan can have an impact on your tyres. A van loaded too much at the front or back can tip and a van loaded too much to one side can cause imbalance as well as uneven wearing on the tyres. To find the correct load for your van there are various websites (eg. www.tyresafe.org) that have excellent ‘load rate tables’ reference.

Finding The Optimum Tyre Pressure

Maximum tyre pressure can be found stamped on the tyre itself and also on the van’s VIN plate.  This should not be exceeded. Please note that the recommended tyre pressure reflected on the VIN plate is a guide only as factors such as unusual driving conditions on unsealed roads, tracks with sand, mud and sharp stones will require an alteration of tyre pressure. It is important to check the tyre pressure regularly especially before a trip and regularly during a long trip.

Further Assistance

If you are uncertain about tyre pressure or load rates please contact your local Jayco dealership for assistance. You can find your local dealership here.