How to maximise working from home

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26th Mar 2020

With many of us facing lockdown and working from home restrictions, there is an increasing interest in learning how we can maximise our time indoors. Not only that, but make sure we can work efficiently, perhaps even whilst juggling other priorities – such as emergency home schooling the kids!

Here are our top tips for working from home during this period.

1. Plan your days

The monotony of working from home will quickly set in, and it’s likely this will lead to some lethargy around the house. For most of us, we are used to a brisk walk or commute to work which allows us time to plan ahead for the day, think of new ideas or even just slowly wake up over a mug of coffee!

Having a plan for the day will help keep you on track, particularly if it sticks closely to your usual working day. A clock-on and clock-off time should also help ensure you bake in time to switch off and relax before bed.

2. Keep your ‘you’ time

Bars, restaurants, gyms, wellness centres and more are all pausing for the time being, so there’s never been a more important time to find alternatives. These will keep your ‘you’ time in your schedule and help keep things as normal as possible. This will benefit mind and body!

Why not check out some of the free exercise tools available online, such as the Nike Run or Training Club apps, yoga available on YouTube, and any instructors who are offering deals currently for those stuck at home.

For some mindful practice, this could be the jolt you need to start practicing meditation or working on some calming breathing exercises. Picking up a candle or incense during your next food shop could help create a new atmosphere in your home to help carve out the space you need.

3. Communicate

How are you and your team going to communicate during the isolation period? Have you chosen your preferred channel? There are many apps on the market currently which can ease the burden on inboxes and make everyday communication even easier.

Check out apps such as Slack, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and more. Running a test system before the whole team moves to remote working will also help ease the burden.

4. Leading the team

If you’re running a team from home, be mindful of the team plans and make sure these are communicated clearly to your team. Keep communication lines open to help foster a sense of community and create a sense that we’re all in this together!

5. Set yourself up well

Make sure you have a comfortable set-up – think suitable chair, desk and working space to make sure you can concentrate well and not develop cramping muscles. Be sure to move around regularly and stretch out your muscles to maintain good wellness habits.

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